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lundi 17 novembre 2008

"The new Beaujolais has arrived!"

It’s the most famous event of this month in France and especially in Paris and you can’t pass any wine shop or restaurant without seeing big posters announcing “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé”.
On this third Thursday of November, the 20th for this year, you would enjoy celebrating its arrival through Parisian streets : it’s a popular wine and it never needs to be taken too seriously, although Beaujolais Nouveau’s arrival has become fashionable. The best way to taste it is with French charcuteries, pâtes, cheeses, breads and to share this ritual celebration with friends, or family members or any other Parisians.

Do you want to know the right words to put through the conversation ?

Thanks to our friend Sophie from Le Vin se Livre we would suggest to say :

at the view : "jolie robe", "belle couleur" (cerise, rubis.. ) (cherry, purple-pink..)
in the mouth : "léger", "fruité", "tendre", "gouleyant" (easy-drinking)..

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