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samedi 3 janvier 2009

La Galette des Rois, French tradition

If there is a French tradition respected and expected by everyone, it’s the “Galette des Rois”, (King’s cake) which can be bought in any bakery at the end of December. The religious origin of this traditional cake, the Epiphany’s celebration on January 6th of the visit of the Magi to the Baby Jesus, seems remote, but the pleasure lies in sharing this wonderful patisserie with the family, the neighbors, co-workers at the office or members of an association, because it’s often used for exchanging new year’s wishes and therefore the Galette can’t ever be eaten alone.
As for the “fève”, now in porcelain or plastic, it owes its name to the real bean once placed in it to designate the King of the day. As this King has to offer a new “galette” next Sunday, you’ll enjoy eating it through the entire month of January!
Usually dry or stuffed with “frangipane”, the Galette has recently been proposed in many other varieties by famous Parisian pastries: chocolate at Maison du Chocolat, macaroon with caramel at Lenôtre, Ispahan’s version at Pierre Hermé, with apples at Valentin, while organic at Monoprix with Moisan the baker or chocolate raspberry at Daloyau...

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