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lundi 2 mars 2009

The Parisian Brasseries

The word "brasseries" all by itself evokes the Parisian life, large tables with “banquettes” and “garcons” in white aprons, the noise of plates and glasses, not to mention the conversations ... the whole atmosphere and friendship you are looking for in this traditional place!

The “brasseries” are part of the Parisian scene and although some have become famous (Lipp, La Coupole ..) we should not forget the name "beer" therefore their name.

Open throughout the day until late at night and usually 7 days a week, they offer a continuous service and are very popular after a show. The menus are usually simple and are traditional dishes (celery mayonnaise, egg mayo, lamb, steak frites, choucroute ..)and can be found everywhere.

A more "chic" tendency has been developed in most of the places bought by “Groupe Flo” (La Coupole, Chez Bofinger, Chez Julien, Le Balzar, Le Vaudeville, Le Boeuf sur le Toit ...) or by “Les Frères Blancs” (La Lorraine, Le Procope, Chez Jenny, Le Pied de Cochon ...) but there are still a few rare places like Chez Vagenende or Chez Thoumieux (which recently acquired a new owner) where there is still this simple friendly spirit that we seek when we open the door of one of them!

79 rue Saint Dominique - Paris 7ème
142 Bd Saint-Germain - Paris 6ème

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