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mercredi 8 avril 2009

Valadon-Utrillo à la Pinacothèque de Paris

For the 1st time together thanks to this beautiful exhibition, the man painter Maurice Utrillo is the son of a woman painter Suzanne Valadon :

He was nicknamed "Litrillo" and the"artist maudit de Montmartre" in the early twentieth century because he was leading a "real" life although he had his big time during his "white" period.

She was long considered as a "prostitute" but managed to graduate from a model (for Renoir and Lautrec) to a real painter artist and now is the symbol of women's empowerment.

The exhibition brings together nearly 150 works of these two artists coming from private collections, and let's us understand through its chronological path, what was this coming and going between a son, also a pioneer and initiator of the movement of the Ecole de Paris, and his transgressive mother, whose work flourished when her son's was collapsing.

Valadon Utrillo
Au tournant du siècle à Montmartre
De l'impressionnisme à l'Ecole de Paris
du 6 mars au 15 septembre
28 place de la Madeleine - Paris 8ème

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