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dimanche 6 décembre 2009

December 6th - Saint Nicolas's day

Every year at this time, I'm so sad that Saint-Nicolas's celebration has not arrived to Paris and I'cant' enjoy this December 6th as it was in my memory.

It ‘s a traditional festivity in Lorraine yet and the celebration is still very alive in eastern France, including the parade, with Saint-Nicolas himself at the head, dressed in his bishop’s costume in red and white, distributing sweets and chocolates to the “good” children

And the “Père Fouettard” “Bogeyman”at the end, dressed in black and charged of whipping the children if they have not been good…

Saint-Nicolas legend has inspired the other one of Santa Claus, which can eventually explain why the Parisian aren’t interested in ?

I was always looking for Parisian gourmet addresses remembering the taste of this wonderful day of my childhood (gingerbread and chocolate…) and I finally found it recently :

The Garde Manger
17 rue Aligre
Paris 12ème


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