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mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Christmas time in Paris

Paris is getting more and more magical recently, and there are lots of things to do to enjoy it perfectly during this wonderful Christmas time.Of course, the main store windows are tastefully decorated, and the Boulevard Haussmann with Printemps and Galeries Lafayettes is the Parisian street most visited, but if you don't have kids, I would suggest seeing the Bon Marche´s windows which are wonderful and not so overcrowded as the others...
If you have to do shopping for Christmas and would like to do it without stress or being pushed, I would suggest avoiding the weekend, especially in the main stores.

You can try the Parisian Christmas markets, a new "fashion" occurring in Paris for the last few years, but I don´t think you will enjoy them all that much, because they'll have the same small houses as in Alsace, for example, and they don´t have handmade production and exist only for a more commercial aim. Sorry, but the "Christmas market" of the Champs Elysées isn't worth the trip, in my opinion.
Are you interested in Christmas music ? Here are some concerts where I'll certainly be in the next weeks
December 20th (free) and 30th , Christmas concert at Notre Dame de Paris
and many other free concerts in the parisian churches here :

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