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jeudi 18 décembre 2008

La Java des Memoires : musical show

Recently, I was very fortunate to arrive in Paris for the winter just in time to attend “La Java des Memoires” retrospective musical at “Theatre Sylvia Monfort.” The musical selection covered a lot of musical ground, from what seems like only yesterday to all the way back to World War I. Although the songs were familiar, the presentation was fresh and new, eliciting a beautiful blend of past and present.
The songs were sung compellingly and with emotional depth, but each set was also infused with both visual and auditory humor (perhaps the “java” of the title?), so that it was impossible for one’s attention to wander. There were poignant moments also, but not so many or so heavy as to weigh down the evening. The hours flew past, and I was amazed to see the end come so soon. I left the theatre buoyed up, in fact, while still having felt all my emotions there, in a magical connection with a range of human life, some of which I have only lived vicariously, through those I have loved.
Dorothy Renn, Paris
Théâtre Silvia Monfort
106 rue Brancion - 75015 Paris
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