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mercredi 16 septembre 2009

Heritage weekend - Les Journées du Patrimoine

Next weekend, and this since 1984, most of the French heritage sites (which are uselly closed) will be opened and have free access like in most of the european cities.

Don't miss them and if you are in Paris and are looking for an exceptional site, I'd suggest "Assemblée Nationale" (French Chamber of Deputies) with the "Ministère des Affaires Etrangères" (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) nearby, or the "French Ministry of Culture" in Palais Royal (there could bvery nice events in this garden too) or "Cour des Comptes" near Concorde, for having been very enthusiasmed myself last time!

As for myself, I've already planed to visit the French Institute which is the most famous French Accademic site I know, and Im looking forward to finally wondering at the most beautiful "Coupole" of Paris.


more information about this event here

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